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Centerville’s Brook Cupps on managing the hype, reloading from within, and program buy-in

Corey is joined by Centerville head coach Brook Cupps, talking about journey through coaching (3:00), coaching such a young group a year after a regional final run (10:00), having players buy in (16:00), dealing with the hype around Gabe (22:00), and much more!


Playing your role, the GCL South and bleeding LaSalle red with head coach Pat Goedde

In the opening episode of 2020, Corey is joined by LaSalle head coach Pat Goedde, talking about being a long-term assistant turned head coach (4:30), coaching at a successful football school (14:00), this year’s team (25:00) and much more!


Giving thanks, transfer protocol and recapping 2019 with Jason Morrow

The TDP closes out 2019 by giving its thanks to those who have helped Corey over the years (1:00), and is joined in the second half by producer Jason Morrow to talk about the impact of transfers so far this season (29:00)!

Happy Holidays from the TDP crew!


Columbus basketball, Bronny James, Jeremiah Francis and filming on phones with 270 Hoops’ Zach Fleer

Corey is joined by fellow scout and 270 Hoops co-owner Zach Fleer, discussing the return of Jeremiah Francis (3:00), the growth of 270 Hoops (5:00), outlook on the top teams in Columbus (17:20), Hilliard Bradley’s dominance (20:00), younger players on the radar (24:15), and much more!



NEO Preview, scouting strategy, fire extingushers and the best Cookout milkshake choice with TJ Peatross

Corey is joined by fellow scout TJ Peatross from NEO Spotlight, recapping the Ohio Valley Hoops Classic (2:00), an overlook of Columbus and Cleveland events (7:00), a long glance at NEO (11:30), the latest on Chris Livingston (26:30), scouting a high school game (34:30), the usual food discussion (48:00).


Bennie Carroll on the Ohio Valley Hoops Classic, changing venues and cutting a future NBA pro

For a special season opening edition of the Triple Double Podcast, Corey is joined by Ohio Valley Hoops Classic event director Bennie Carroll, talking about the creation of the OVHC (5:00), choosing a venue (8:00), and previewing the 2-day event (12:30).


Previewing the Ohio basketball season, Mr. Basketball candidates, and storylines to watch with JJHuddle’s Kurt Stubbs

Corey is joined by friend and fellow basketball scout Kurt Stubbs, talking about anything and everything of value in Ohio hoops this season, including key storylines to watch (13:15), Division I preview (22:00), previewing Division II (33:00), previewing Division III (40:40), previewing Division IV (44:00), talking Mr. Basketball candidates (46:00) and much more!


Cleveland State’s Rob Summers on coming back to Ohio, starting fresh, and community love

Corey is joined by Cleveland State assistant coach Rob Summers, talking about his relationship with coach Beilein (3:45), getting starting in coaching (6:00), building up the Vikings (16:00) building from within the city and state (21:30). and much more!


VASJ’s Babe Kwasniak on fighting entitlement, the Ohio AP Poll, and battling against PTSD

Corey is joined by Cleveland VASJ head coach Babe Kwasniak for a special Friday edition of the Triple Double Pod, talking about the tradition and long-term success of VASJ (2:00), military duty in coaching (12:00), fighting entitlement (13:15), giving praise for a fellow scout (24:00), fighting back against PTSD (36:00) and much more. This is one of the best episodes to date, and please rate/comment on the podcast if you'd like to hear more!


Lima Senior/C2K’s Quincey Simpson on his rise in coaching, getting respect in Lima, and being a father figure

Corey is joined by Lima Senior head coach Quincey Simpson, talking about his role in the game of basketball and being a mentor, while also discussing making it Lima Senior (3:00), getting respect from Lima (18:00), the role of coach and father (28:00), having fun while maintaining order (33:30), and much more!

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