The Triple Double Podcast


Moeller head coach Carl Kremer on program development, and having a three-peat run cut short

Corey is joined by long-time Cincinnati Moeller head coach Carl Kremer, discussing how Moeller handled the news (7:40), feeling pressure of legacy (15:00), the future for the Crusaders (28:30) and much more!


Kentucky assistant Joel Justus on player development, the platoon system, analytics and current uncertainty in sports

Corey is joined by UK assistant coach Joel Justus, talking about his journey with analytics (1:40), how the Wildcats handled the tournament cancellation news (8:00), dealing with the NBA draft process (15:45), how to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak as a recruit (22:45) and much more!


Coronavirus and basketball’s sudden end, spring recruiting, and surprise guests with Kurt Stubbs and Corey Tucker

For a special emergency episode, we bring on Coach Tuck and Kurt Stubbs, recapping the craziest week in OHSAA history (16:00), NCAA seniors and the virus (26:00), the spring recruiting period (34:00) and so much more that can't be fit in the description!


Recapping the statewide District Final Weekend with 270 Hoops’ Zach Fleer

Corey is joined by 270 Hooos co-owner Zach Fleer, discussing the weekend that was in Ohio HS hoops in all four divisions, starting with Division I district recap (3:00), Division II (14:30), Division III (23:55) and ending with Division IV (34:00).


Previewing Ohio district championship weekend with Kurt Stubbs

Corey is joined by Kurt Stubbs, talking about Babe Kwasniak’s dismissal (3:00), along with previews statewide for Division IV (7:45), Division III (12:00), Division II (23:00), Division I (40:30).


275 Hoops’ Bret Favachio on the first season, regional title favorites and players to watch in the Queen City

Corey is joined by 275 Hoops editor Bret Favachio, discussing the upcoming district and regional tournament in Cincinnati, along with the start of 275 Hoops on social media (2:00), cincinnati All-City teams (5:00), previewing Division I (23:00) and Division II-IV (30:00).


A prep school invasion, hospitality room reviews and Super Bowl prop bet recaps with Chas Wolfe

Corey is joined by long-time friend Chas Wolfe, reflecting on Kobe and where everyone heard the news (2:30), CMI/FTTH recap (13:30), Prep vs. Public (22:25), the mixtape culture (30:00), super Bowl bet results (52:40) and much more!


Flyin’ to the Hoop recap, having a feel for the game, and shooters shooting with Corey & Corey

A special episode of the Triple Double Podcast today, as host Corey Albertson is joined by Bates Fundamental coach Corey Tucker, talking about joining Bates Fundamental (2:30)
the “Mamba Mentality” of Emoni Bates (5:30), Ohio's Mr. Basketball (11:40), Division I-III outlook (20:00), Flyin’ to the Hoop recap (30:00), and much more.


Centerville’s Brook Cupps on managing the hype, reloading from within, and program buy-in

Corey is joined by Centerville head coach Brook Cupps, talking about journey through coaching (3:00), coaching such a young group a year after a regional final run (10:00), having players buy in (16:00), dealing with the hype around Gabe (22:00), and much more!


Playing your role, the GCL South and bleeding LaSalle red with head coach Pat Goedde

In the opening episode of 2020, Corey is joined by LaSalle head coach Pat Goedde, talking about being a long-term assistant turned head coach (4:30), coaching at a successful football school (14:00), this year’s team (25:00) and much more!

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